Crepitus Neck Pain and Treatment

For those people who are experiencing a crackling sound in the neck as they make a movement, considering crepitus neck treatment is a good idea. Given the proximity of the crepitus to the auditory channels, the crunching noises are easily heard, and they can be a little distracting, especially in instances when you need to move your neck a lot. But the good news is the crepitus is not a chronic problem. Solutions do exist, though they will require your patience, as will be discussed later on.

To understand the treatments available, you first need to understand the causes of the crepitus, so that you have a better picture of what the treatment option you take will solve. Neck crepitus can be caused by a degenerative joint problem that is only beginning to surface. Osteoarthritis as it is called is a condition characterized by increased wearing out of articulating cartilages, leading to stiffness and pain in the joints.

Neck crepitus can also be caused by damage to the cartilage that is found in the neck joints. This can occur when you forcefully pop your neck, such as when you wake up in the morning and you notice some stiffness. In such a case, when you don’t know what to do, you should wait out for the stiffness to wear out. This way, you don’t risk damage by forcefully moving the neck. But we digress.
Crepitus Neck Pain and Treatment
The effectiveness of the crepitus neck treatment will determine on what caused the crepitus in the first place. This underscore the importance of understanding what is responsible for the problem to begin with. Some uncomplicated treatment options include a regular neck message to improve your range of motion around the neck, and release tension. Only a qualified chiropractor should do this, as a risk of injury when an improper form of massaging is use. This treatment option is recommended for those who have damaged the articulating cartilage of their necks accidentally. It may not relieve the crepitus immediately, because the cartilage has to heal first. This takes a while, and may be months before the crepitus disappears completely. This is why patience is needed as the problem doesn’t up and leave in one day.

If the crepitus is from osteoarthritis, you may want to get medication to help with the pain, as it will likely be there. Chiropractic massages are also advised in this case, as there is usually stiffness of the neck joint. Consulting with a qualified physician is advised so that you can know the treatment options available. If the crepitus is due to bones grinding each other, a surgical procedure may be done to reduce friction and encourage the affected points to heal.

Neck and shoulder crepitus is more disconcerting than crepitus in other joints in the body. It is very distracting since the sound fills your ear with every turn you make, and can dampen your social life. The good news is that various crepitus treatment options are available, and you can start them as soon you want to.

Crepitus Neck Pain and Treatment
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