Crepitus Neck and Shoulder

Crepitus neck and shoulder
When the popping sound is heard on the neck, it is described as a crepitus neck, and when it is heard on the shoulder, it is described as a crepitus shoulder. Crepitus in the neck is not associated with bones grinding together, as it is most other cases where there are long bones. Rather, it is often caused by soft tissue, and there maybe inflammation present. The cracking may recede after a few days. Neck crepitus is often recorded in persons who begin attending chiropractic sessions. This is regarded as normal and should subside with repeat sessions.

The cause of this kind of crepitus is believed to be increased ranges of motion which you are not ordinarily used to. It does eventually go away on its own. However if the crepitus is persistent, and becomes associated with either stiffness or pain, a doctor’s consult and appropriate crepitus neck treatment could be required. They’ll be able to pinpoint an accurate diagnosis.

Crepitus neck and shoulder can be disconcerting, especially when the emanating sounds can be audibly heard. Some gentle massage can help alleviate some of the discomfort, especially on the neck. Exercise has also been shown to help in some cases with shoulder crepitus. You should not do it if you feel any pain when doing any lifting as this will worsen the problem. Anti-inflammatory drugs help reduce the problem if there is swelling involved. But a medical consultation with crepitus specialist is always recommended before taking any medication. Sometimes, the crepitus may subside on its own, especially if it is not associated with any discomfort. It should only alarm you when there’s crepitus neck pain, stiffness or when the crepitus increases in intensity.
crepitus neck and shoulder
Shoulder crepitus is more likely to be serious, as it rarely involves soft tissue. The cracking comes primarily from the shoulder joint, indicating that the bones of the joint are rubbing against each other during articulation. In such a case, shoulder arthritis is suspected, though that diagnosis has to be confirmed with a few tests first. That’s because there are instances when the shoulder crepitus recorded is from air or pressure in the joint. In these cases however, there is no pain or inflammation associated with the joint. Should there be, and crepitus neck pain does not subside within a few days, a trip to a physician, or an orthopaedic doctor is encouraged.

Crepitus Neck and Shoulder
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